The 22nd Annual NB Spirits Festival
Guest Bios
Guest Bios

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All of this is still very much a work in progress. The event list, presenters, timing and pricing are all still in flux.

Greg Godfrey
Greg Godfrey
Executive Chef - The Delta Fredericton

Greg Godfrey is the Executive Chef at The Delta Fredericton. He received his Culinary Degree from The Culinary Institute of Canada.

Upon graduation Chef Godfrey was drawn out west to work at the many world class resorts that the Rockies have to offer. Chef Godfrey worked at Chateau Lake Louise, Delta lodge at Kananaskis and Predator ridge golf resort to name a few. After his 14 years managing various kitchens there, Greg decided it was time for a change of scenery and was given the opportunity to move to Fredericton, where he was offered the position of Executive Chef of the Delta Fredericton.

He currently resides in Fredericton with his wife Janice, and their two sons Noah and Luke.

Davin Kergommeaux
Davin de Kergommeaux

Davin is the author of Canadian Whisky: The Portable Expert, released in May 2012 by McClelland and Stewart. He is a certified sommelier and independent whisky expert who has been writing about, talking about and teaching about whisky for more than a decade. His writing and tasting notes appear in Scotch Whisky Review, Whisky Advocate and on such websites as and

He is the Canadian editor for Whisky Magazine and publishes comprehensive notes about Canadian whisky on the website, De Kergommeaux appears at whisky festivals from coast to coast in Canada and abroad and is a judge in a number of prestigious whisky competitions including the World Whisky Awards.

Martine Nouet
Martine Nouet

Martine is one of the world's leading whisky writers and a specialist on the pairing of whisky and food, Martine particularly enjoys writing about (and of course enjoying) Scotch Whisky. A regular contributor to Whisky Magazine, she launched the Whisky Magazine French edition in 2004 and continues to provide her perspective and tasting notes on spirits from around the world.

She hosts whisky dinners in France and in Scotland and is a judge at the annual International Wine & Spirit Competition in London. She is also the author of "Les Routes du Malt". In France, Martine is known as La reine de l'Alambic (The Queen of the Still!), and she was "The whisky chef" on singlemalt TV, a webTV channel dedicated to whisky.

Martine Nouet travelled the whisky trails intensely in 2009 with French Canadian film maker Bruno Carrière who produced a fourteen hour program on whisky for Evasion channel, "Passion Whisky".

Martine was born in Normandy and now makes Islay her home. We're honoured to have her back as our special guest for another special year.

Frank Scott
Frank Scott
Founder & Chairman, New Brunswick Spirits Festival

Whenever Frank Scott pours a single malt into a glass, a look of satisfaction and contentment crosses his face. No wonder. As one of Canada's most respected Scotch connoisseurs, he's passionate about whisky.

Frank co-owns and manages the Lunar Rogue, an award-winning pub in Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada. With more than 500 whiskies on the gantry - one of the best selections in North America - the "Rogue" is a favourite destination for whisky lovers. Whisky Magazine calls it one of the "great whisky bars of the world".

Born in Fredericton, Frank's 39-year career as a publican began in 1976 when he opened his first pub. Ten years later, he developed an interest in Scotch whisky, and, ever since, has devoted himself to expanding and sharing his knowledge about how it's produced. Since 1992, he's hosted many whisky seminars and tastings for corporate groups and charitable events.

Frank is a member and past president of the Whisky Tasting Society of New Brunswick. He has toured more than 70 distilleries and each year attends the Spirit of Speyside Festival, which named him International Ambassador during the 2014. In 2016, he was inducted as a Keeper of the Quaich.